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Is Our General Internet Experience Getting Worse?

I am noticing a disturbing trend. On every device I use (e.g. iPhone 6 Plus, desktop, tablet) websites seems to be getting slower and slower to interact with. This isn’t true for every website I visit. However, for all of the bigger and more heavily trafficked websites it is definitely true.

Specifically, I have noticed the following:
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Why We Are Stuck with Internet Explorer 6

UPDATE: We are no longer stuck with IE6. Yay! 🙂

Among web developers, Internet Explorer 6 is considered a horrible browser. However, amongst many corporations, it is the standard browser that is used throughout the organization. One reason for this is due to the great amount of difficulty for a large organization to change. Every page on the company intranet has to be tested and fixed. Additionally, moving away from Internet Explorer 6 typically involves a change in operating system.

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