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Is Our General Internet Experience Getting Worse?

I am noticing a disturbing trend. On every device I use (e.g. iPhone 6 Plus, desktop, tablet) websites seems to be getting slower and slower to interact with. This isn’t true for every website I visit. However, for all of the bigger and more heavily trafficked websites it is definitely true.

Specifically, I have noticed the following:
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Immutable Objects in PHP

When I first learned to program, I made many objects that were mutable. I made lots of getters and lots of setters. I could create objects using a constructor and mutate and morph the heck out of that object in all kinds of ways. Unfortunately, this led to many problems. My code was harder to test, it was harder to reason about, and my classes became chock full of checks to ensure that it was in a consistent state anytime anything changed. Of course, my classes had to be backed by unit tests and this often resulted in a combinatorial explosion. This how I look when I try to imagine all of the possibilities and how to test them.

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